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Topic “Politics & Voting”

Public Comment: Leave Khalid Mahmood MP Alone!

Hi MPACUK,  I thought that Khalid was one of the MPss instrumental in getting rid of Tony Blair precisely because of the Iraq war.


West Midlands Faith Forum Warns Muslims Not To Listen To The Hizb

Hizb ut tahrir

More and more Muslim groups are taking on MPACUK's call for Muslims to get involved in the political process. The Hizb-Ut-Tahrir has launched a nationwide campaign to stop Muslim's voting.


Operation Muslim Vote II: We Are Ready

If you want to join our campaigns or find out more about what is happening in your local area then check out


Retiring Labour MP Backs Salma Yaqoob

Salma Yaqoob

Retiring Labour MP Lynne Jones has Comments

Top 5 Khalid Moments

Khalid Mahmood

Whilst out canvassing in Perry Barr, Birmingham yesterday, I met plenty of people who knew of K


MPACUK Sisters Rock Oldham!

Operation Muslim Vote II in Oldham

When it comes to empowering Muslims and striving for justice, you can be sure MPACUK commit to making that difference to the ummah.


Sonia Klein will support the Palestinian Cause

Sonia Klein

At a public meeting on Sunday 11 April 2010 at her Ilford North constituency, the Labour party parliamentary candidate, Mrs Sonia Nabila Klein


Hendon Muslims: BA needs you?

MPACUK have been running a campaign against the hardcore Zionist MP, Andrew Dismore.


Brilliant Pro-Palestinian Jewish MP Exposes The Zionist Millionaires Who 'Own' The Tory Party

Money down the toilet

Sir Gerald, MP for Manchester Gorton, a pro-Palestinian Jewish MP, likened the influence of prominent Jewish Conservative funders to that of controversial Tory peer Michael Ashcroft.


PRESS RELEASE: Muslim vote will play decisive role


The group behind Britain’s most popular Muslim website ( are launching the biggest ever campaign to mobilise Muslim voters.


Is Ajmal Masroor Splitting the Muslim Vote on Purpose?

Ajmal Masroor

We have recently been flooded with emails from Muslims in the East London area complaining that Ajmal Masroor is splitting the Muslim vote in the Bethnal Green & Bow constituency.


Jewish Chronicle Highlights MPACUK's Campaign

Jewish Chronicle
The article below was printed in the Jewish Chronicle and proves that the pro-Israel community are very interested in the increased political awakening and soph


Lib-Dem Sal Brinton Puts Watford Muslims To Shame!

sal brinton

Except that the Muslims in Watford are too dumb to know it.


Another Pro-Palestinian MP Gets Hit By Israel Lobby

free palestine

One of the Labour Party’s most prominent pro-Palestinian campaigners has apologised for comments he made in Parliament last month warning voters that British Zionists were seeking to influence the


Ilford: 11th 'most Muslim' Constituency in Britain

Mike Gapes

Ilford South is the 11th 'most Muslim' parliamentary seat in the country. MPACUK are campaigning in your constituency to raise political awareness amongst Muslim voters.


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