Sun, 20/04/2014 - 4:27pm
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Topic “Politics & Voting”

Watford Campaign Starts with a Bang!

MPACUK started its Watford campaign with a bang, leafleting outside North Watford Mosque after Friday prayers in direct confrontation with our nemesis, Clare Ward MP.


Your Last Chance To Stop the BNP

Raciist UK Poltical Party, British National Party (BNP) Leader Nick Griffin

"Islam is a cancer" says the BNP.


Labour Candidate Karen Buck Attacked for Being Ethical

Karen Buck MP, Westminster North

The latest attack by pro-Israel groups that are trying to scare ethically motivated,


Brown & Dismore "Worried" by MPACUK Campaign

Andrew Dismore and Gordon Brown

For several weeks the MPACUK team of West London have been campaigning vociferously in Hendon, Comments

What is the Point in Dying for Mike Gapes?

Mike Gapes

That is the question we were asking last weekend when MPACUK East London were out canvassing against the pro-Zionist MP Mike Gapes in Ilford South.


PRESS RELEASE: MPACUK Bradford take on Terry Rooney

vote or die
Terry Rooney has been a Member of Parliament for Bradford North (now to be Bradford East), since the 1990


MPACUK Campaign Manager: A Day in the Life of ...

Operation Muslim Vote II

A few hours on a Sunday in the life of the Election Co-ordinator at ...


“Grandad, Don't Vote for Mike Gapes”


The most inspiring of all experiences is when the sincerity of a child's heart speaks louder than any other so called “Muslim”.


Ilford Muslims Are Waking Up To Political Jihad - Our Update!

elections, vote sign

Muslims in general fall into two groups: The older generation are the ‘vote Labour’ group and the Muslim youth are the ‘voting makes no difference' group.


Gapes Calls MPACUK's Leaflet "Poison"

Mike Gapes

Door-by-door, we visited the houses of Ilford.


HT supports Zionist Gapes - Their Evil Agenda Reveals Itself

Hizb ut Tahrir logo

MPACUK East London were out canvassing to the Muslims of Ilford last weekend, asking them to register for the upcoming general elections and then to go out and vote.


MPACUK Ilford Launches Operation Muslim Vote II

Operation Muslim Vote II

Here at MPACUK, nothing beats the hype of elections. We just love being on the ground - meeting, debating and conversing with Muslims is always interesting (and often eventful, too!).


Oldham Diary: Sisters Taking on Glod-Istan

Operation Muslim Vote II in Oldham

Whilst putting my sunglasses on and stepping out of the car, I was greeted by the aroma of spices and the sounds of Bollywood reminding me of the streets of Lahore except this was Glodwick, Oldham


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