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Topic “Politics & Voting”

PRESS RELEASE: Woolas Caught Lying About 'Death Threats' Smear

Immigration Minister Phil Woolas has decided to play dirty in a last ditch attempt to cling onto his seat in the Oldham East and Saddleworth constituency.


A Last Cry out to the Ummah by the Ulema

Iqra TV

On Sunday 2 May, 2010, at 9pm on Iqra TV - Sheikh Abdul Qayyium, the Imam and Khateeb of the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre, stated to the viewers to go out and vote as it is a duty up


Sonia Klein Will Call for Sanctions Against Israel

Sonia Klein

On Monday 3 May 2010 at 8pm, Islam Channel hosted a live elections hustings with the potential parliamentary candidates from Ilford North.


Disgusting Islamophobia: Woolas Smears MPACUK with Fake 'Death Threat' Leaflet

Phil Woolas MP and Immigration Minister

Immigration Minister Phil Woolas has decided to play very dirty in a last ditch attempt to hold onto his seat in the Oldham East and Saddleworth constituency.


Trailer: I'm a Muslim & the BNP got my Vote!

Coming soon to Islam Channel is Tre Azam's documentary entitled 'I'm a Muslim and the BNP got my vote!" which features Comments

Vote Against Khalid Mahmood!

The sisters of Birmingham were out again today taking on the Political Jihad, shame on the brothers of Birmingham.


HT Get Rap Star to Back Anti-Voting Campaign

MPACUK has led the pack when it comes to getting Muslims into understanding political power, and the need for Democratic


Gapes' Desperate Attempt to Smear MPACUK

Mike Gapes

This week's Ilford Recorder, Mike Gapes used his Comments

Watford : Sister Takes On MP & Uncle Tom Muslims On Her Own!

Claire Ward

I turned up at Watford mosque to find the pro-war MP, Claire Ward, already lurking outside, waiting for hundreds of Muslim voters to emerge from Friday prayers.


VIDEO: Bully, Lee Scott, MP Slams Young Muslim Girl

A video going around various blogs shows a young Muslim girl asking an MP a question on Israel.


The Three Deadly Sins of the Oldham Voter

Phil Woolas devil

Whilst out canvassing in Oldham, we met Muslims from across the spectrum of different mindsets, ranging from the die-hard supporters of a certain candidate, to the ones that were absolutely clueles


Follow MPACUK's Election Campaigns On Twitter


Assalamu Alaikum

Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK are now on Twitter!


Help! I Don’t Know Who to Vote For!

Poster showing the different types of voters

MPACUK have been flooded with requests from Muslims contacting us for advise on who to vote for.


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