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Topic “Politics & Voting”

Bradford Now, After Booting Terry Rooney

MPACUK Bradford successfully campaigned against Terry Rooney, a Bradford East MP since 1990


Woolas To Face Legal Challenge Over False Smears

Phil Woolas MP and Immigration Minister

Lib Dem candidate Elwyn Watkins made a formal legal challenge to the recent General Election results. Elwyn was standing for Oldham East and Saddleworth which was won by the Labour MP Phil Woolas.


The Day US Jewish Groups Went Too Far With the Word "Terrorist"

MPACUK Comment: Sharmine Narwani, commentary writer and political analyst, writes an excellent piece in the Huffington Post outlining quite simply how desperate and frankly absurd the mal


Zionist EDL Threaten's to Attack East London Mosque

On Tuesday, 15 June from mid-afternoon onwards, a group of EDL members congregated at a pub in the Whitechapel area of Tower Hamlets near the East London Mosque.


ACTION ALERT: Get your MP to sign up to Flotilla EDM

A parliamentary Early Day Motion (EDM) calling for a full investigation and an end to the blockade of Gaza has been tabled by Richard Burden MP and will be presented when the House of Commo


MPACUK at Manchester Flotilla Demo

The people of Manchester dropped their Bank Holiday plans and came out in solidarity to express their anger and disgust at the terrorist state of Israel's murder of innocent aid workers and civilia


Any Muslim Who Doesn't Get Political in a Time of Oppression is a Sell-Out

Any Muslim who believes that those who hate and create hate against Muslims in this world; spending millions of pounds to influence political parties against you, will not end up harming you, is


Deconstructing Shiraz's Love of Zionist Hate Blog Harry's Place...Still Smirking

Shiraz Maher

Shiraz Maher, man-boy for rent, has had another stunning idea. His face normally set to sneer has exploded in mirth. 'Hold on!' I hear you ask. 'Why? How? What? Who?'


Yamin Zakaria: Anti-Islamic Legislation and the Case for Participation


With the rise of the rightwing Conservative Party, there is a real danger that the Muslims in UK may face anti-Islamic legislation that specifically targets them; the trend has already been set i


Will Blackburn Muslims Only Learn When Riots Happen & Mosques Burn?

MPACUK is well aware of Blackburn - we fought an election campaign there a few years ago. The mosques even beat us up for trying to unseat Jack Straw.


Debate: If Laws Are Passed Against Muslims What Would Anti-voting Brigade Do?

question mark 2

If any anti-Muslim laws are passed in the country, what would the 'No politics' Muslims tell the wider Muslim community to do?





How Did Muslim MPs Do?

House of Parliament / Commons Politics London UK MP Big Ben

A roundup of Muslim candidates that stood in the 2010 election and how they faired.

Rushanara Ali - Bethnal Green and Bow - WON


Swedish Islamophobic Hate Cartoonist Talk Disrupted!

This video is currently circling the net, it seems to point to the fact that Muslim and non-Muslim students alike, did not take kindly to the hate cartoonist doing a talk at the university, and d


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