Muslims in the UK got #IThinkIslamHatesUs trending as a response to Trump’s hateful comments that said Islam “hates” America. MPACUK also participated in the Twitter Storm, organised by the Muslim Vibe. By trending a topic we can ensure that more people who would oth
Last week we put up an Action Alert about MPACUK’s Raza Nadim and other Facebook admins being banned from Facebook for this post: Thanks to so many Muslims emailing in to voice their anger at Facebook’s regular silencing of pro-Palestinian activists (see here), we have received
Recently, MPACUK mobilised Muslims to demand answers from Hampshire Police as to why they are using MPACUK media interviews as part of Prevent-related training Muslim activists on Twitter alerted us to the Hampshire Prevent Twitter account which showed an image of MPACUK’s former spok

Update! Moazzam Begg supports MPACUK’s campaign against Government proposals to stop boycott

Moazzam Begg, Outreach Director of CAGE, has come out in support of MPACUK’s campaign against Government proposals to criminalise councils and other local bodies that boycott Israeli goods. Speaking to MPACUK, Moazzam Begg said he fully endorsed MPACUK’s campaign against &

Success! Muslims force Government to respond about their plans to criminalise boycotting Israeli goods

Last week MPACUK put out an action alert to mobilise Muslims to sign an official e-petition about Government proposals to make it a criminal offence for councils to boycott Israeli goods. 10,000 signatures FORCES the Government to respond to us about this. Guess what? We’ve hit