The Israeli Embassy in the UK has been exposed in having major influence into British domestic politics. It has been accused of conducting operations to kick out democratically elected leaders in the NUS, Labour Party and in the British Government itself. The petition is demanding an
For 40 hours in September 1982, members of the Israeli-allied Lebanese Phalangist militia raped, killed, and injured a large number of unarmed civilians, mostly children, women and elderly people inside the encircled and sealed Sabra and Shatila camps. The estimate of victims varies b
Speakers Trust have reinstated the video of Leanne Mohamad’s speech and given MPACUK a statement about the actual events that have taken place. This follows a campaign from MPACUK and other activists who demanded answers about what happened and why Ms Mohamad had been treated in

UPDATE: Speakers Trust release new statement about Leanne Mohamad’s Nakba speech – but it raises even more questions!

Speakers Trust have released a new statement about Leanne Mohamad and her winning speech on the persecution of Palestinians. This follows an action alert from MPACUK and other activists yesterday mobilising people to contact the Trust about their decision to ban Ms Mohamad from the fi

Action Alert! ‘Speak Out’ or ‘Shut Up’? Muslim schoolgirl’s Nakba speech censored!

A Muslim student has been expelled from a public speaking competition after a video of her moving entry about the plight of the Palestinians went viral. Leanne Mohamad, a 15-year-old Muslim student at Wanstead High School in London, won a regional final of the Jack Petchey ‘Spea