Recently a judge ruled that the BBC would not have to pay any libel damages to Imam Shakeel Begg of Lewisham Islamic Centre for calling him an “extremist”. What was so disturbing was the way the Imam’s words (which were from public speeches, not secret recordings) were decontextualise
MPACUK has reached its fundraising target for the Anti-Islamophobia Nerve Centre, thanks to your donations! We have had so many people support our project and it will allow us to: Run more workshops on how to tackle Islamophobia Organise more campaigns and projects to empower and mobi
Muslims in Britain simply feel battered over the past decade, with each passing week intensifying the Islamophobia we’re subjected to. This concerted and calculated frenzy feeds off and into one another’s right-wing discourse — whether it be Britain First, UKIP, Neocon think tan

This Ramadan give your Zakah to fight the Islamophobia Industry

Islamophobia is on the rise. From draconian legislation to attacks on our streets, Muslims are the most oppressed people around the world. But these attacks on Islam are not a product of random, individual acts of hate. They are the product of an organised, well-funded industry –

Imagine What Will Happen to Muslims If this Extremism Bill is Passed

Imagine being persecuted and your professional career in tatters, because a government minister decided launch an investigation against your school with no evidence, but an unsigned letter. That’s what happened to Muslim teachers in the Trojan Horse Hoax. Imagine your charity that you