Earlier this week, The Sun published a comment piece by Trevor Kavanagh explicitly asking the reader “What will we do about the Muslim Problem then?”. It goes without saying that if anyone were to mention “the Jewish Problem” or “the Black Problem”, they would be swiftly held to accou
Islamophobia is on the rise. From draconian legislation to attacks on our streets, Muslims are the most oppressed people around the world. But these attacks on Islam are not a product of random, individual acts of hate. They are the product of an organised, well-funded industry –
The Daily Express published a misleading article reporting on the Quebec attacks in late January. It reported that the gunman shouted “Allahu Akbar” during his attack. When it was later found out that it was not the gunman who shouted this, but a worshiper, they failed to

ACTION ALERT: Demand Your MP To Speaks Against Prevent In Upcoming Parliament Debate

On Wednesday 1st February, Parliament will hold a Westminster Hall debate about the draconian Prevent strategy in schools. Prevent has targeted many Muslim in the UK – the current duty on schools means that Muslim children are being treated as potential terrorists! It is harming

Why did TellMAMA attack Cage and MEND? And why didn’t MCB say anything?

Why did TellMAMA attack Cage and MEND? And why didn’t the MCB say anything? Last week, the director and founder of TellMAMA (an organisation that records data on anti-Muslim attacks) used a Home Affairs Committee hearing to attack Cage and MEND. Cage and MEND are two Muslim grassroots