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Flotilla: Real Time Updates From Around The World - UPDATE Hollywood Director Calls Israel 'Racist State'

Latest Update

03 June 2010

10.00pm Gaza flotilla: How Israel’s ministry of foreign affairs fakes photos of seized weapons

18.10pm EDL Are organising a pro Israel counter Demo - proving MPACUK right that they are a Zionist front.

17.30pm Sydney photographer tasered: Eyewitness

17.00pm Israel fights back with cyber warriors

14.22pm Award-winning British film director Ken Loach has described Israel as a "racist state" in an interview with the Turkish daily Vakit newspaper.

13.24pm Peace Activist Destroys the Pro Israeli Media lapdog LIVE ON TV

1:03am MV Rachel Corrie heading for Gaza — with the full support of the Irish government

12.20am Funny's are starting to spread across the internet. This image will have you in stitches.

02 June 2010

11:53pm Israel to begin deportations immediately

11:50pm The Israeli government is hoping YouTube and Twitter can help restore its reputation after a botched raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla 19 people. Don’t get your hopes up, Bibi. There’s only so much a technological tactic can do after such a big strategic blunder. Besides, the folks on those ships had camera phones, too.

11:40pm Israeli warships threatened to sink ships before commandos boarded and killed.

11:38pm American Israeli peace activist shot in the face whilst demonstrating against her country's murderous actions.

8:18pm Passenger Huwaida Arraf recalls: "We told them, 'We are unarmed ...' And then they started beating people"

8:17pm Gaza Flotilla activists say stun guns used on them

8:16pm Robert Fisk: Western leaders are too cowardly to help save lives.

8:14pm VIDEO American passenger tells CNN: "They cuffed me & put a bag over my head"

8:12pm Israelis celebrating attack on Turkish Aid Ship - in front of Turkish Embassy, Tel Aviv

8:10pm The Israeli assault on Gaza continues despite the flotilla attack. Reports of power outages in Gaza. Population braces for attacks.

8:08pm IDF's Mark Regev actually thanked the US for helping "water down" UNSC resolution "behind closed doors"

8:06pm Israel opened Fire Before landing says activists!

5:55pm Israeli Zionists Joy At Attack Caught On Tape As they taunt Turkish Embassy here

5:42pm BREAKING NEWS: Turkey Outraged at American Response.

5:40pm Americans Demonstrate against the attack, watch the vid here

5:30pm American experts say Israeli lobby runs America watch it here

4:00pm Video emerging of what really happened before the aid workers fought back against the armed assassins that illegally entered the flotilla in international waters.

3:55pm What the BBC don't show you:


01 June: The world reacts read timesonline report here

8:27pm Ambassadors from the 27 EU countries condemned Israel's use of violence against the flotilla

8:14pm Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he "regrets" the loss of life.

8:12pm Interesting article asking the question: What if Iran had carried out the Gaza carnage?!

8:11pm More than a thousand people protest against Israeli attacks on Flotilla in Paris and Dublin

7:37pm Guardian Article: Did Twitter Censor Flotilla Hashtag?

7:28pm Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says they had to "defend their lives, or they would have been killed."

7:00pm Our sources tell us that some of the demonstrators at Manchester centre have broken into the BBC lobby.

5.32pm An Israeli Commando claims that civilians on board the ship caught them off-guard. 

One must question the quality of the Israel military protection if a few Arabic (conveniently) speaking activists are able to throw them off their game.

5.26pm Russia condemns the attack on the civilians on the Flotilla and calls for an end of Israeli blockades of Gaza.

4.35pm Switzerland calls for investigation into Gaza Flotilla Death. 

4.27pm Hanan Ashwari from the Palestinian Legislative Council called on the UN Security Council to punish the Israelis.

She told the BBC: "I think for the first time Israel has to be held accountable; morally accountable, legally accountable, politically accountable and judicially accountable."

"I think the Security Council... has to take serious decisions, has to lift the cover of impunity - particularly that which is provided by the US..."

3.45pm Over a 1000 people have joined the demonstration in London demanding that the Government take action against Israel - demanding that more than just words are now needed.

3.19pm Netanyahu cancels his meeting at the White House despite earlier insisting the meeting would still go ahead.

3.05pm George Galloway to hold a press conference about the attacks on the Flotilla at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Houston, Texas, 10.45am central daylight time

3.01pm UN Security Council to meet at 6pm.

2.51pm William Hague condemns Israel's "unacceptable" blockade of Gaza in wake of flotilla deaths

2.42pm Greece calls off military exercised with Israel.

2.36pm Middle East peace envoy Tony Blair expressed his "deep regret and shock" at the loss of life on the flotilla and called for an investigation.

"Once again I repeat my view that we need a different and better way of helping the people of Gaza and avoiding the hardship and tragedy that is inherent in the present situation," he said.

2.28pm Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak condemns Israel's "excessive and unwarranted use of force" in its raid on the flotilla.

Egypt has summoned the Israeli envoy in Cairo, reports say.

2.23pm The shadow Foreign Secretary David Miliband, has issued a statement saying he is "deeply concerned by the incidents overnight."

2:04pm The Jewish Chronicle website is down. Wonder why?

1:15pm VIDEO: The death toll has reached 20!

12:56pm Galloway has made a statement in regards to the attack on Gaza.

12:00pm Thousands of protesters take to the streets in Istanbul against Israel's attack. The government has called on the Israeli ambassador and warned of irreparable consequences.


10:30am Israel is trying to defend itself by saying they were attacked by activists with iron bars and knives, however there seems to be little evidence to suggest that the activists held any dangerous weapons. What would you do if heavily armed soldiers holding guns and looking threatening decided to invade your ship? Would you not defend yourself with any tool you had?

9:30am Sky News are saying that 19 peaceful, unarmed activists have been murdered by Israel, where as the BBC is reporting it as "more than 10 have been killed"
7:20am the BBC website is still reporting only two people killed whilst other news outlets confirm that 16 peace activists have already been brutally murdered by Israeli forces. See this screenshot.

4:45am Israel's Channel 10 private TV puts the death toll at about 14, with other reports saying that up to 16 people have been killed.  Israel has used live ammunition against unarmed civilians on the Flotilla.  Israel has so far declined to comment.

The BBC website finally reports on it but tries to misrepresent what is happening by using the words "It is not clear whether the fighting is ongoing" when clearly it is an attack by Israel on an unarmed ship not a two sided fight. All throughout their report the show a pro-Israeli bias by trying to mention Hamas rocket attacks but declining to mention Israel's ongoing and brutal assault on Gaza. This is sickening.

4:30am We have just heard that Israel has opened fire on the Freedom Flotilla - having just checked the BBC site, normally the first to get breaking news, has nothing on this breaking story but MPACUK can confirm that the Flotilla has come under fire from Israeli war ships, 3 dead and 30 injured are the first reports.

**UPDATE** Listen to the recording from the flotilla even as they come under attack here:


The captains words are "Please stop firing we are unarmed civilans" - it didn't stop the the Israeli Army.

MPACUK will keep you posted throughout the day

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