Sat, 23/08/2014 - 9:27am
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Indian Rape Crisis

Indian rape victims

The recent media coverage of the rape crisis in India has been interesting. The women and good men of India have seemed to have had enough and are calling for urgent reforms.

All this has been in lieu of the poor woman who was sexually assaulted and more. There is no justification for anybody being raped and the recent uproar into how acceptable rape is, not just in India but globally, is frankly horrific.

What if India was a Muslim country?

It is shocking and disturbing that when a gang of Muslims run a paedophile ring, instantly Islam is pointed towards as the primary reason.

India is not an Islamic country and nor it is a country where Muslims are the majority and yet, the belief system of a majority of Indians is not put under fire by the likes of Mad Mel, David Aaronovitch and the usual Islamophobic rats.

Will these Islamophobes bother to even look at the extremism problem within Hindu communities in India, or will the Henry Jackson Society continue to come out with utter nonsense?

Oppression against women is happening in many cultures all over the world, with women still being used as sexual objects in advertising and in other ways. It is time that the whole human race stopped objectifying each other on grounds of race, religion and sex.

We hope that all rape victims can once again find courage and strength to continue with their lives and be successful and that their communities support, and not shun them.


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