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UPDATE: MPACUK Learns Abid Mahi Flotilla Hero Is Alive!

Abid Mahi

Abid Mahi, the director of the hit documentary "I'm a Muslims & the BNP got my vote!", is one of the brave people who are on board the Freedom Flotilla, to deliver aid to Gaza.

He has taken some time out of his busy schedule to write a few words for us about what is happening there:

Assalaamualaikum my brothers and sisters,

As a human being I can't stand to see what is happening to the Palestinians anymore - how can I remain silent and do nothing while innocent people suffer? We are in a position to do something for the oppressed and it would be a crime to sit back and do nothing. I just had to go on the Freedom Flotilla, which is why I volunteered to go on it as soon as I could, and last Sunday I began my journey to end the siege on Gaza.

Although I will miss the birth of my child, my wife, Saima, and I both understand that the needs of the Palestinians are greater than ours. I may not be able to be there for her but I will be there for those Palestinian mothers who are forced to give birth at checkpoints with no medical supplies and no hospital access.

It has been such a humbling experience to be around so many great people on the Flotilla who live, breathe and are prepared to suffer the attacks from the Israelis for the sake of Palestine.

It has strengthened by faith in the good of mankind and I know that Allah will make the movement to free the Palestinians successful. The Palestinians will be free one day Insha'allah, because of all the good people who strive with their might to end the injustices they face.

The people on the Flotillas are such lions - they have not been shaken at all by scare-tactics by the Zionists. We are all determined to reach Gaza.

Israeli threats and technical glitches have forced delays in the Freedom Flotilla, as Israeli gunships headed out to sea on Friday to stop a Flotilla of pro-Palestinian activists from reaching the Gaza Strip, setting the stage for what could become a dramatic showdown on the high seas.

Mahmoud Abbas from Fatah is also helping them by trying to divert the cargo ships carrying the aid to Egypt.

Things are very busy on the Flotilla, so I'm sorry I can't write a more detailed account of what is happening, but when I get to Gaza I will write something more detailed Insha'allah. In the mean time, you can follow my updates on Facebook.

Please pray that we get there safely and are able to help the Palestinians, but please do not let your part stop at just praying for us - do something for the Palestinians. They are relying on us to free them from the terror they face every single day.

Insha'allah we will be successful and end the siege on Gaza.

Your brother,

Abid Mahi

MPACUK would like to congratulate Abid Mahi and all the people on the Freedom Flotilla. You are all such inspirations to the rest of us.

The media may be trying (unsuccessfuly) to block out what you are doing, but rest assured that we are all watching your progress with anticipation. Our prayers are with you.

You will be successful insha'Allah.

Abid Mahi, filmer maker from Treite Labs Production, is also filming a new documentary about the siege on Gaza so look out for the documentary which will be coming soon insha'allah.

UPDATE : After losing contact with Brother Mahi many of us were concerned he may have been on of the victims of the Israeli massacre. We have found out today that he is alive, detained by Israeli troops we await his retun. We will keep you updated. Please make Dua for the brother whose wife is 9 months pregnant and who still pushed her husband to go onto to Palestine. May Allah bless this sister.

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