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George Galloway

George Galloway has done it! He scored a historic victory against Labour in the Bradford-West by-election. He beat the Labour candidate, Imran Hussain, by over 10,000 votes. Sulky Hussain shunned electoral tradition and refused to give a speech after the result. A Tory from nearby Keighley branded Respect an “extremist” party. His remarks are just another example of an Islamophobic politician. Galloway's victory has sent a shockwave through the political establishment. The victorious candidate described it as an “uprising against mainstream parties.”

Muslim voters should note that despite Labour's strength and dirty tactics on the ground and the media's attempts to scare the electorate, their votes can make a difference. The turnout was good, particularly amongst the young.

Having witnessed the energy in the Respect campaign, it was a realistic proposition that they could beat the incumbent Labour party who had held the seat since 1974. The by-election was called as a result of the Labour MP, Marsha Singh, stepping down due to ill health.

George Galloway, himself a former Labour MP and a veteran in the House of Commons, will take care to represent all the constituents of Bradford-West.

The victory is, of course, tinged with sadness. During the campaign, one of our members, Abu-bakr Rauf, tragically lost his life. Abu-bakr was without doubt one of those people everyone loved and respected. A young man dedicated to justice and known amongst political activists internationally for his work on behalf of the oppressed Palestinians. This victory is tribute to our dear departed brother Abu-bakr. Your work will never be forgotten – may Allah grant him Janaah.

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