Mon, 28/07/2014 - 6:14am
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Israel Recruits Thousands of Liars

Israel flag Fascist state

Why would a country need to recruit thousands of liars on its behalf, if it wasn't up to wrongdoing? Only Israel tries to distort the truth in such a systematic way. Public opinion is important, since it makes it politically easier to get away with wrong policies and this is why Israel is fighting the one thing it fears the most, 'delegitimization' (as if to imply that Israel has any legitimacy to begin with).

Israel is an apartheid state that systematically steals land and property, that belongs to the Palestinians. It is in breach of over 60 UN resolutions, all in the name of Zionism, a racist ideology. Wherever you find Zionism, you find Islamophobia. Get ready for an army of liars to tell you different.

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