Thu, 21/08/2014 - 5:59pm
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Bottoms Up Imran Hussain

imran hussain

Thirsty Imran Hussain (hic) likes his refreshments; and campaigning in this unseasonally good weather is thirsty work indeed.

The Bradford councillor is Labour's new hope in the Bradford West seat, being contested by Respect's powerhouse George Galloway.

A bi-election has been called following the incumbent, Marsh Singh's announcement that he is to stand down due to health reasons.

If Hussain can't get his Labour colleagues to help him out canvassing, he might have to rely on his trusted pals John E Walker and Jackie Daniels to give him a hand.

Make no mistake, George Galloway is giving Hussain a real run for his money. Respect and Labour are neck and neck and Respect have the capacity to deliver a historic blow to Labour's strangle-hold in Bradford. In fact, George could end up giving Imran “both barrels” (but not the barrels Imran was hoping for).

The constituents of Bradford West have a clear choice between the councillor who represents the party that thinks it has a right to rule in the Northern seats, that started the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, that brought the economy crashing down around our ears, or the candidate who is a tee-totaller and has consistently shown he has the courage of a lion, who has taken on the Zionist scourge, who and is a defender of Muslims and Bradford West's last hope.

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