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Israel vs Khader Adnan

Khader Adnan

Khader Adnan was no stranger to "administrative detention" or rather imprisonment, without trial by the Israelis. On this occasion however, the Israeli 'legal' system may have regretted taking such a step. Afterall, how could they have anticipated the upcoming, heroic and very long 66 day hunger strike that Adnan embarked upon? Israel was caught between the daily Palestinian driven demonstrations and the ever growing media coverage that resulted from Khader Adnan's struggle itself.

Twitter played an invaluable role. During Adnan's hunger strike, Palestinians and their worldwide supporters tweeted their hashtags up to the top 3 worldwide trending terms on a daily basis. Eventually headlines were made by the mainstream media in various parts all over the world. For Israel, this just would not do. Like a rabbit in the headlights, Israel could only do one thing to save its own interests and that was to get out of the way. It became in Israel's interest to keep Adnan alive.

Adnan is currently in an Israeli hospital, taking in food upon the agreement of his release in April. The Israeli courts have ordered a review of the case of Adnan's detention and whilst there is still some suspicion that Israel will simply put him back into the detention, we know that he and the Palestinians will never give up on him. They never give up.

This is, in itself, an important lesson for the rest of the Muslims worldwide. Especially for those in the UK. Injustice and oppression of Muslims is rife - in the forms of physical oppression, from puppet regimes and terrorist nations or be it in the form political and ideological oppression through Islamophobia and teachings of a diluted Islam. Yet this is what we all have in common, and at the same time, we have found it extraordinarily hard to work together and refused to unite upon this issue over the past number of decades.

There is of course the exception of the Palestinians and others who face a dire degree of persecution. The people of Kashmir are another apt example. They find time to help those worse off than themselves, such as Aafia Siddiqi, despite going through their own hell.

So, what's stopping us? It's more than just sectarianism. We no longer see it as our duty to help the oppressed, despite the fact it is fardh for a Muslim. To make it even worse, we very rarely hear of such an obligation or have the leadership from our religious figures. Whilst there is a void of understanding and leadership on these issues, surely it comes to us, as the Muslim mass to rise up for those who need us most. How else will things ever change?

If we are ever to unite and overcome the difficulties we as an Ummah face and help our oppressed brothers and sisters, our current attitude towards them and to Islam has to change. Social media, especially twitter - a space without boarders or social divisions, is the best place to continue that movement. It is in this space we can directly impact the lives of others through our Islamically obligated driven activism hundreds of miles away.

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