Tue, 29/07/2014 - 10:53pm
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Miss USA Targeted by Zio-Nazis

Rima Fakih 2

Rima Fakih, the Arab American and Muslim Miss USA, has been smeared in the most despicable and vile manner possible. To get the full low down, read this recent article and then read the comments.

Made a connection yet? OK, let MPACUK explain. Daniel Pipes and other Zio-Nazis do not seriously think Ms Fakih (aka Miss USA) is a vanguard shock trooper of Hizbollah, nor do they think she is a part of subtle plot to undermine the American state and its government.

The reason why the uproar? Well firstly, the Zionist's blatant racism and Islamophobia, a hatred so deep that any Muslim or Arab is an open target. Previous Zionists have stated that Muslim doctors had refused to prescribe contraception, advice on teenage pregnancies, or treat V.D. When asked, many Muslim doctors did not recognise the issue but it got into the media and put another negative spotlight on Muslims.

Or how about Muslims in the Media? Aaqil Ahmed, on applying for the head of the BBC's religious programming, had Mad Melanie Phillips screaming Islamophobic nonsense. However, being Jewish, she saw no contradiction about bringing Aaqil Ahmed’s religion into the equation and ignoring his ability to do the job and how anti-Semitism was used as a justifiable bar against allowing Jews to do jobs they were qualified to do.

The issue was not whether Aaqil was qualified to do the job, nor even if Aaqil's religion disqualified him from doing the job. The hoopla was merely another opportunity to get Muslims into the media spotlight and use another excuse to create a negative image. Further demonisation, as a strategy and a tactic.

You see, Miss USA, Rima Fakih, is not being attacked because she is a Miss USA contestant, nor because she participated in a meat market where women are reduced to objects - she is being demonised and stigmatised because she is a Muslim and an Arab.

And that means if we want to be next, if we want Muslim Stock Brokers, Writers, Musicians, Doctors, Engineers, Pharmacists to be next, we allow this Zionist hatred to continue unabated.

Our website has been inundated with Zio-Nazi smears on MPACUK’s credibility by the Zionist-paid commenter’s of the Hasbarah, rubbishing MPACUK in a vain attempt at damage limitation.

But the cat is out of the bag. Zio-Nazis will not allow Muslims to live a peaceful life without fear of attack and demonisation.

We must not let them do that to us, whether we are practicing or non-practicing. As Muslims, we have to make a stand against both the stigmatisation of our faith and of us.

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— Malcolm X

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