Thu, 31/07/2014 - 11:39pm
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BBC Documentary: Exposing The EDL For The Racists They Are


The BBC aired a documentary titled, "Young, British & Angry", in which Ben Anderson spent time with members of the EDL - English Defence League, to see what is motivating more and more young men to join.

Two of the EDL's leading lights, Guramit Singh, a Sikh and Luton based Kevin Carroll, tried their desperate best to prove that the EDL are not racist, yes, you did read that correctly, the EDL are NOT racist.

These racist idiots barely need to open their mouths, for you to realise the racist intent that they have. Guramit Singh, who prostitutes himself to become the "EDL Posterboy", addresses his baying goons with:

"God bless the Muslims... they'll need it when they burn in ******* hell."

"F*** the p*kis … i just think we shud burn the c**** now".

It's clear to anybody with half a brain, that a self hating individual like Singh, has been promoted to prove that the EDL are a non-racist party.

The above picture shows Singh, with one Charlie Flowers, leader of cyber bully group "The Cheerleaders", who we ran a series of articles on earlier this year.

The other gentlemen concerned, Kevin Carroll, tries to show he's not racist by wheeling out his daughter, who happens to be mixed race. The old "I'm not a racist, I have black friends" routine played out to perfection. Kevin wasn't as forthcoming when he couldn't explain why he supported the nomination of a BNP candidate.

The most pathetic attempt by the EDL was to bring out "Abdul", a "Muslim" only by name from Glasgow, to one of their racist meets. The footage then shows an Afro Caribbean youth who joined the EDL, talking about how good the EDL are. That was before the monkey chants were aimed at rival UAF protesters of course.

The good people of England showed that they will not stand for any sort of racism in the recent elections, when the BNP were decimated as any sort of political force.

Their grievances are being vented towards Muslims, but the underlying causes need to be examined. The EDL's war against Islam is simply a catalyst, a rallying cry if you will, that is being used to recruit young, angry, white, working class males. They are disenfranchised and feel that there is no real hope and no future prospects for them in the UK.

Shockingly, a lot of the issues they face, are no different to the problems faced by working class communities of different backgrounds, all over the UK. The socio-economic troubles we are in, do not discriminate on the grounds of colour or creed. If you're poor and live in a "traditional economic" area, then chances are the new economy paradigm will not suit you, as you will be lacking in the required skill set to move ahead.

This is the real issue that needs to be addressed. "Social mobility" is an issue which New Labour failed us with, the divide between rich and poor has never been greater, to the extent that a recent study showed that London's rich and poor gap, was its widest since the days of slavery.

We have a long hot summer ahead of us, at least let's have a peaceful one.

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