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Egypt’s Crackdown on American NGOs: Exposing US hypocrisy

American media has recently been whining and moaning about Egypt’s crackdown on “pro-democracy” American NGOs. This is intended to give the average Joe the impression that the American government is somehow interested in spreading democracy, or that it has any real interest in freedom or progress of Egyptians.

It wasn’t long ago that Vice President Joe Biden was showing full support for Mubarak, to the extent that he even denied that Mubarak was a dictator. Mubarak himself would have probably been laughing at Biden's dull lie. It takes tremendous daftness for anyone to make such a glaring lie of a statement and it shows the treachery of American foreign policy. It is quite astonishing that Biden possesses the capacity to have stooped so low morally and intellectually, in defence of America’s favourite dictator.

Egypt’s Planning and International Cooperation Minister Fayza Abouelnaga stated: "The United States and Israel could not directly create a state of chaos and work to maintain it in Egypt, so they used direct funding to organisations, especially American NGOs, as a means of implementing these goals."

"The 25 January Egyptian Revolution events came as a surprise to the United States… and it lost control over it after it turned into a revolution of the entire Egyptian population. That was when the United States decided to use all its resources and instruments to contain the situation and push it in a direction that promotes American and also Israeli interests," MENA quoted her as saying.

"All evidence indicates a clear desire and determination to abort any opportunity for Egypt to rise as a modern democratic nation with a strong economy,” she said. “This would represent the biggest threat to Israeli and American interests, not only in Egypt, but in the region as a whole."

Enter Wikileaks cables that expose the reality of the whole situation:

The cable which was released in June by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks, says of democracy and governance programming under Mubarak, “We will sustain successful programs and create additional on-shore initiatives to optimise American influence through the looming leadership succession.”

According to America in the Arabic News Agency, confidential cable STATE38619 signed by Hillary Clinton, cable CAIRO353 and cable CAIRO748 confirm that the US government funded these NGOs with the aim to buy politicians and meddle in Egyptian politics.

It seems that these NGOs were not truly working for democracy in Egypt (it would be a self contradiction if they ever did, the US has conspired with dictators against democracy throughout its history). These NGOs seem to be vehicles used by the US to interfere in Egyptian politics and meddle in Egyptian affairs. It is worth noting that the US bans foreign funding of American politicians. The double standards and hypocrisy of the American government are astounding.

It is the same US that created, funded and supported Al Qaeda - as Hillary Clinton admitted - that is trying to make us believe that American government is all for freedom, democracy and human rights.

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