Thu, 24/07/2014 - 12:03am
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Muslim Widows Stripped, Beaten and Accused of Witchcraft

Indian Muslim Widow Accused of Witchcraft

A sick video has exposed India of its deeply Islamophobic views. These poor, defenceless widows were stripped, beaten and forced to eat shit. Muslims of Indian descent in Britain, who have done nothing to stop the rise of the BJP in India or the BNP in the UK, might want to have a good look at this. The next time they go to their mosque, or to be more accurate their temples, maybe they should stop praying to Allah to perfect themselves and instead start on the road to perfection by demanding the British Government impose sanctions on India unless it tackles Islamophobia seriously.

They won't. After all most of the Muslims of Indian descent in this country are too busy measuring their trouser length and kissing Jack Straw on both cheeks (you pick which one) to lift a finger for Kashmir, Gujarat or these poor, defenceless women.

We would say, ‘Have some shame,’ but we know that both the vile villagers who did this and the Muslims who allowed it, by doing nothing, have none.

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