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Justice, Peace and Health

free palestine

Last year in March, The Lancet published a series of five articles about the deteriorating health status of the occupied Palestinian territories.

These articles were important in that the researchers were able to link the problems with the injustices faced by the Palestinian people. For example the increased maternal death rate with Israeli checkpoints.

Richard Horton one of the authors of the series said:

“Hope for improving the health and quality of life of Palestinians will exist only once people recognise that the structural and political conditions that they endure in the occupied Palestinian territory are the key determinants of population health”.

Such was the response to these articles the Lancet pledged that it would continue to highlight these issues. This year a conference was held at Birzeit University in the West Bank with aims to support and promote research advancing the health of Palestinians and resulted in some publications.

Regular research into the health of the Palestinian people can by no means alone alleviate the situation they face. However it may provide undisputable, convincing evidence and the impetus for the urgency of action to bring about the only long term solution – peace, justice and health.

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