Sat, 23/08/2014 - 7:16pm
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Justice a Joke

justice system

One would think that the justice system is run by clowns in the UK. This being due to the fact, that a young man called Azhar Ahmed has been arrested on charge of ‘racism’ towards British troops, over his Facebook status. One only has to read his statement to see that there is not a hint of racism and even the Islamophobes at Harry’s Place agree with us (indeed miracles do happen).

However, British soldiers also using Facebook have made clear racially aggravated comments, as is the case of Scott McHugh of the 3rd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. The difference is that he has merely been discharged from his position, as opposed to being punished for inciting racial hatred. Furthermore, his comments show the violent nature he possesses, even in situations where there is no need to be combatant.

Another very recent case related to Afghanistan, is the murder of sixteen civilians by an American soldier. It seems the world is condemning this particular case; however, what is disgusting is how some are attempting to sympathise with this soldier, who in essence, committed an act of terrorism against the Afghan people. He supposedly had troubles at home and problems at work. The tragedy is, this same media never tries to sympathise with the troubled minds of the few Muslims who have turned to violence, as they feel they cannot voice their opinion in any other way. Instead, they are dismissed as animals, subhuman terrorist scum, who should be locked up for a lifetime. Anybody who dares to try understand why a young Muslim has felt the need to turn 'terrorism', is immediately dismissed as a terrorist sympathiser, but when an American soldier does it, somehow he is not a terrorist.

Indeed it is a strange state of affairs, when a teenager whose comments show not a hint of racism is being tried from 20th March 2012. If you do not believe this is not clear evidence of the increasing acceptability of Islamophobia, then you are truly asleep. The only reason they can do this to Muslims, is because the powers that be, know the Muslims are easy targets. They know the Muslims will not discuss the case of Azhar Ahmed and fight to make justice be served. Instead, we are too busy calling each other kuffar, rather than working on protecting each other.

Know that the government, media and bankers want the people to be distracted from the issues that really matter and they do so by creating a bogeyman and justifying inhumane policies towards a people that they can get away with exploiting. It is pretty obvious the root cause of antagonism towards the government from Muslims is related to the fact that the foreign policy of western powers in the Muslim world has been horrendous, at best. The reason the government refuse to acknowledge that foreign policy is a major part of the problem is due to their arrogance. This video shows the result of what happens when Muslims refuse to act politically in defence of their rights; the truth falls on deaf ears.

Don’t be easy meat for the powers that be. Let us use our voice to lobby and fight oppression, wherever it is and by any means necessary. Even simple things such as using your tongue is a start, as a Prophetic narration highlights:

"Indeed the greatest Jihad is a just word to an oppressor." Tirmidhi 2174

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