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The Iraq Inquiry

But have they really? The USA’s military never leave, wherever they have been. They leave marks in the form of military bases - in the name of security. 9,000 personnel and "private contractors" aka mercenaries now remain in Iraq. Aswell the embassy being the biggest in the world with its own airstrip. 

Worrying is President Obama’s speech, in which he claims that the soldiers should have their “heads held high”; and even more disturbing is a quote from the Defence Chief, Leon Panetta, where he states, “The dream of an independent and sovereign Iraq is now a reality."

Where is this reality? Can this 'reality' be seen in the social, political and economic issues that currently face the Iraqi public? 

What about issues such as increasing illiteracy among Iraqi women and human trafficking? 

Obama should be ashamed for making such vile statements and as for Panetta, how can he say something so stupid, despite the legality of the Iraq war clearly being questionable? (to say the least).

The whole world knows that going into Iraq was only for the sake of the American Government’s interest and was of no benefit to the American people and the rest of the world. It is as if the US military has some reverse of the Midas touch. 

For those idiots who still believe going into Iraq is an honorary act for a soldier, or that somehow, Iraq after being turned in to a war zone is better off, need to see this video, where Republican Strategist Jack Burkmann debates with journalist Robert Fisk and researcher for the Cordoba Institute, Dr. Anas Al Tikriti. 

The reason the US can get away with making such statements is because the Muslims are so weak, that despite the ridiculousness of the statements made, no one is saying anything to condemn Panetta's and Obama’s remarks about the terrorist invasion of Iraq.

Remember: The USA put Saddam Hussein in Iraq and it was their moral duty to take him out. Sadly, the US military did not go to Iraq for humanitarian reasons, but for capitalism. In this video link, Republican speaker Burkmann makes it absolutely clear why they went to Iraq and the fact that Muslims lives are worthless.

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