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Action Alert: Operation Justice

MPACUK Action Alert!

Last December, the world witnessed an abhorrent and shocking assault on Gaza. On 18th December, Israel began an intensification of rocket fire towards Gaza's towns, followed swiftly by air strikes, killing 1,500 Palestinians and leaving more than 400,000 Palestinians without running water, destroying 4,000 homes and making tens of thousands of people homeless. Eighty government buildings, including marked buildings, were also destroyed. But that's not all. Israel breached international law by using white phosphorus which burnt women, men and children alive.

A year has passed and it seems as though the British government has forgotten this crime against humanity, as the Goldstone report has deemed this war to be.

What can YOU practically do to demand justice for those who do not have a voice?

1. Contact your MP and ask him/her to sign the Early Day Motion 502 tabled by Jeremy Corbyn to bring about justice against all war crimes.

2. Contact the Foreign Office putting forward the following points:

  • The Government must arrest and try war criminals under the Geneva Convention Act of 1957
  • The democratic principle of judicial separation from the Government must be upheld. i.e. if a judge believes that an arrest is illegitimate then that should be accepted by their Government
  • Express your outrage at the fact that the British government was absent during the vote on the Goldstone report
  • The Government must change its foreign policy, abide by international law and support justice
  • The Government must end its arms trade with Israel

Since the attack, we have seen the ignition of student activism, University occupations, Palestinian solidarity movements, protests and lobbying across the UK and the world. We must not let that all go to waste. It is your duty as a Muslim to keep the pressure persistent and not bow down until the suffering Palestinians receive the Justice that they deserve.

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— H. L. Mencken