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Muslim Blood is Cheap, Even to Us

Masjid Al Aqsa in Jerusalem, Palestine

Many of us probably didn't know that Israel's ruling Political Party, The Likud, rallied & advertised their storming and occupying of Masjid al-Aqsa. They said this would be the first move in order to demolish the mosque, then to re-build Solomon's Temple on the Mount. Despite that, when it came to the day that the Zionists were meant to occupy al-Aqsa, it alhumdulilah didn't happen. However, this is nothing new. Zionists have called for the destruction of al-Aqsa & the Dome of the Rock (Masjid al Saqra) in the past. This happened to be one of those moments. 

Our access to information of the daily arrests and demolishments of homes in Gaza & the West Bank, seem to be open to the informed few. Not to say, that the information isn't out there, it is just that our communities don't consider the Palestinian peoples' daily persecution to be much of a priority compared to other things. However, for the ones that did hear word of the storming of al Aqsa, they gave some interesting reactions in the suspense and expectation of the anticipated event on Twitter and Facebook.

For the most part, it was a flurry of anger, panic and shock that Zionists were even thinking of doing this; despite Zionists have long intended to do this - at least since the creation of Israel. Others pleaded for us all to make dua, some went even further and asked others to stop wasting time commenting or tweeting and go and do dua; wholly ignorant to the fact that this was news that needed to get out. Whilst other comments seemed almost dismissive, in saying that it is just a sign of Judgement Day, as with everything else in today's world and thus totally rendering themselves to a non-proactive state.

The starkest thing, however, is that Palestinians never get this much "support" when they are struggling against their oppression day in and day out. Doesn't Islam teach us that Muslim blood is worth more than the Ka'bah and everything around it? 

Abdulla bin Umar said: 'I saw the Prophet (SAW) doing tawwaf around the Ka'aba saying to it: "How sweet are you and how sweet is your scent. How great are you and how great is your sanctity. By the One who the soul of Mohammad is in His Hand the sanctity of a believer is greater with Allah than your sanctity."' (Sunan Ibn Majah)

It then seems clearly absurd that we are almost "ok" with the fact that Palestinian blood is shed almost everyday, but when it comes to al-Aqsa we are all in a panic. This can only reflect our mass mindset of extreme "ritualism" towards Islam. Where we care more about the rituals & symbolisms of Islam, than Muslim lives and the duty towards the oppressed, that Islam dictates. Do we consider Muslim blood to be that cheap? It seems that we do; and I thought it was just the Zionists that thought that Muslim blood was cheap. 

To make things worse, even with the recent shock of the possibility of having our beloved Masjid al-Aqsa demolished, we know that people won't become active to change the political situation, that underpins the Palestinians' plight, even though they could have done something many years ago. It will just seep away from their conciousness and by their own choice, to focus on "bigger priorities".

All in all, it is an apt example of how Muslims are unable to react productively to such an important issue. If it wasn't for the Palestinians, maybe Masjid al-Aqsa wouldn't exist anymore. It still seems that the majority of Muslims in the UK would rather leave them to it rather than help them. 

And so the professed "brothers" and "sisters" of the Ummah carry the name 'Muslim' in the most ritualised and empty manner, leaving their oppressed brothers and sisters to be just that.

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