Fri, 18/04/2014 - 3:51am
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Action Alert! Congratulate Channel 4 on Exposing the Israel Lobby

MPACUK Action Alert!

For years we have known the pervasive influence that the Israeli Lobby plays here in the UK and other parts of the Western world. Today the Channel 4 programme, Dispatches, showed us just the tip of the iceberg of the strangle-hold that the Zionist lobby has on the British political and media system.

We urge everyone to write in to Channel 4 to congratulate them on broadcasting this vital information.

No doubt the Zionist lobby will be working hard to bombard Channel 4 and its programme makers on exposing their pervasion. The documentary has already shown how effective they are at doing this. The Muslim Ummah, and anyone who cares about the truth, must counter this bias by standing up for it and show those that are spreading the truth that they have support. The more support we give them for programmes such as this, the more we encourage others to expose the Zionist lobby's deceit and manipulation.

Click here to contact Channel 4.

Share your responses with us at MPACUK by sharing your letters in the comments section of the website.

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— Emmeline Pankhurst

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