Thu, 24/04/2014 - 11:57pm
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PRESS RELEASE: MPACUK Bradford take on Terry Rooney

vote or die
Terry Rooney has been a Member of Parliament for Bradford North (now to be Bradford East), since the 1990 by-elections.

He has a large Muslim constituency, however has failed to represent his Muslim voters in Parliament. MPACUK are asking why Terry Rooney supported the illegal wars against Muslims, and what he has done to stop the demonization of Muslims in the UK?

MPACUK are calling on Muslims in the area to have their voices heard, and to vote for somebody who will not take their vote for granted – and instead vote for somebody who will represent them.

Terry Rooney voted very strongly in favour of the Iraq war, and voted very strongly against an investigation into this illegal war. He has also strongly supported the current anti-terrorist laws, including voting in favour of locking up terror suspects without charge for 90-days. He also supports the introduction of ID cards in the UK, eroding away our civil liberties.

MPACUK are calling for Muslims of Bradford East to get active in the upcoming elections, and vote for a candidate that represents them and their view – voting dumb or not voting is not an option.

Notes for Editors:
The Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) is a non-profit organisation striving for the political empowerment of British Muslims.
Founded in 2000 to fight injustice in and against Muslim nations, it has grown into a movement with branches across the country and boasts Britain’s biggest Muslim website
MPACUK offers interviews from our media representatives who can give you the thoughts and feelings of Muslims across the country.

For further information/photos/interviews, contact: Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACUK)
Telephone: 0870 7605594
Bradford Campaign Hotline No: 07789168391

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