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Freedom of Speech in Israel

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Israeli newspaper, Haaretz has recently reported a new Israeli attack on freedom of speech and voices of truth, by trying to prosecute Mohammed Bakri, the director of Jenin Jenin, a documentary which exposes the atrocities and criminality of the Israeli Occupation Forces.

In response to Israel's attacks on the truth and its continued efforts to silence valid criticism of Israeli terrorism and crimes against humanity; the least we can do is to spread Jenin Jenin, to make sure that more people around the world watch it and learn about the ugly truth of Israel.

Watch this, share it and spread it. Israel is trying to silence us. Israel is trying to put the director of this documentary in prison. That's Israeli free speech for you. They don't like it when they are exposed.That's why we have to work harder at exposing the crimes of Israel.

This is not the first Israeli attack on freedom of speech. It is reported by Israeli press, that Israel shut a liberal radio station.

Israel is also monitoring Facebook and Twitter under the guise of "defence of national security", but in fact it is nothing but an attempt to spy on activists who dare question Israel's barbarity and atrocious record of violations of UN resolutions and human rights.

If all else fails, Zionists use the old trick of calling people anti semetic.

Zionists are so wrapped up in hypocrisy to the extent that they call Jews who oppose the barbarity of Israel "anti semites" and "self hating Jews". This laughable irony that can only exist in the Zionist mentality and dogma.

After all Freedom of Speech in Israel is a hollow pretension as most observers can see. This fact is acknowledged by Israeli and Western observers alike.

Freedom of expression is subverted in Israel.

These violations of freedom of speech are not just individual cases, it is much deeper than that. It is systematic. Israel's law constrains freedom of speech, this is an inherent part of Zionist ideology.

Speak up, expose Israel and its hypocrisy. Tyranny is the enemy of truth and like all criminal regimes, Israel's regime is afraid of the truth, but the truth has to prevail. Be an agent of the truth, as it brings justice and defeats tyranny; educate those around you, blog, write, speak and stand by the truth.

It wasn't long ago that the Israeli ambassador, with Netenyahu's acquiescence to the US tried to stop CBS 60 minutes from airing a story about Israel's persecution of Christians. Israel wanted to stop the American public from learning about the fact that it is not in fact Muslims who are chasing Christians out of the Holy Land, it is the policies of Israel, as reported by Bob Simon, who is himself a Jewish American and reporter from "60 Minutes".

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