Wed, 20/08/2014 - 10:44am
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Zionist Lobby Blocks Air Flotilla 2

The zionist lobby has struck again, this time getting its members to ensure activists flying out on the Welcome to Palestine "Air Flotilla 2" campaign, will be barred from flying.

The goal of Air Flotilla 2 was to show that the West Bank is one big prison for the Palestinians, and Israel proved it before the first plane even took off.

The "Welcome to Palestine" campaign is taking place for a third consecutive year. The campaign's organisers in the West Bank say that they want to publicise Israel's control of movement into and out of the Palestinian territory and to boost solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Israeli storm troopers last week began bracing themselves for a "fly-in" of hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists expected to arrive at Ben Gurion airport this weekend. The mainly European activists were expected to openly declare their intention to visit the Palestinian West Bank, but Israel vowed to prevent them even from arriving.

A list of those flying in was presented to airlines who adopted the exact preventive measure of supporting "Israeli apartheid" against the Palestinians by cancelling the tickets of the participants.

Protests were held this morning at Manchester airport, by "Welcome to Palestine 2012" participants with family, friends and supporters, who protested at the Jet2 desk at Manchester airport, after the airline tore up boarding passes on instruction of the Israeli government.

Protesters chanted "Jet2 shame on you, do what Israel tells you to".

So well done to French carrier Air France, Britain's and Germany's Lufthansa in cancelling the seats of these peaceful activists.

History will show, that you sided with a murdering, apartheid supporting government.

Well done to our craven Israeli supporting foreign office, for bending over to service their Zionist masters, yet again.

If by chance you to get to fly into the racist apartheid colony of Israel, after you've been strip searched and interrogated, this is the waiver they make you sign, stating: "YOU WILL NOT HELP THE PALESTINIANS".

Israeli Waiver Form

What do you expect from the only "democracy in the middle east"?

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