Mon, 28/07/2014 - 8:16am
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Anjem Choudhury Taking 25k of "Man Made" Handouts

Anjem Choudary

I was quite shocked to hear on Question Time tonight that Anjem Choudhury, the leader of the now banned group Islam4UK is getting £500 of benefits a week.

I thought they were against man made law and the "kuffar" system. Taking part in the system is supposed to be haraam in the Islam4UK ideology. Yet the leader is quite happily benefiting quite handsomely from the very system.

He is quite articulate and has plenty of time to attend media interviews and organise demonstrations. I don't know why he can't get a regular job.

Is this fraudulent? What do you think?

Other organisations that preach disengagement like HizbutTahrir, you will find that their adherents are quite engaging when it comes to benefiting from the system. Take for example the HT governed schools being funded by tax payers.

Those who call for disengagement are a bunch of hypocrites. Political engagement and activism is the most effective way to get your voice heard.

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