Tue, 29/07/2014 - 10:40am
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Mohammed Tufail - Labour & Muslim Sell-Out

Mohammed Tufail

We have previously exposed Mohammed Tufail, with threatening members of MPACUK with physical harm as they were doing their democratic duty and empowering the Muslims in Oldham East & Saddleworth, with knowledge about the disgraced liar, Phil Woolas.

Readiness to abuse and intimidate his opponents and those of his Zionist master Phil Woolas, shows how far some Muslims have become estranged from their community.

Mr Tufail OBE, took it upon himself not only to try to silence our opposing voice, but also after the Islamophobic and race hate spewed by Phil Woolas's election campaign, Tufail, the President of Pitt Street Mosque, stood by his man.

Page 54 of the special Election Court's verdict shows the 'Labour Rose' election newspaper distributed just before polling day. "We’re Standing by Phil" said Mohammad Tufail OBE, President of Pitt Street Mosque. "If the public knew how much Phil Woolas has done behind the scenes to build better community relations in Oldham, they would elect him as Prime Minister."

Really Mr Tufail? Is that view shared by the committee of the Mosque, which is also a registered charity? Is that view shared by Joe Fitzpatrick, who played the race and religious hate cardin Oldham East & Saddleworth?

Well, Woolas will never be the Prime Minister. How did you get your OBE, for what, services to your community? Or Services to the Labour party?

The website OpenDemocracy.net reports, that sitting in Labour’s Oldham office, a week prior to the announcement of the Woolas verdict, Racial Equality First Director and lifelong Labour supporter, Mohammed Tufail OBE, adopted a similar position. Inflammatory leaflets were “just playing the game,” he said. “Sometimes you put in nutty leaflets nobody takes seriously.”

So something "nutty" includes incitement of religious and racial hatred? Getting "the white vote angry" is acceptable is it? Selling your own community down the river, while you feed off them with grants and publicly paid positions is "just part of the game?"

Mr Tufail got an OBE 'For services to community relations'. Well it obviously wasn’t for services involving the Muslim community.

Examine his profile and read the last line, "He has played a prominent role in working to marginalise far-right racist extremism." Is this meant to be ironic?

Show your anger at being betrayed by someone who has earned an OBE and a living, by pretending to be a community leader. Complain to the Charities Commission.

Points to raise:

1. Should a charity be used for political purposes? In the case of the Woolas court case, Mr Tufail used his position in Oldham Mosque (and a Labour supporter) to defend Woolas.

2. Should an anti-racist charity office holder, be involved in a racist and Islamophobic campaign?

Also, complain directly to Rights and Equality West Midlands; ask them to remove this disgraceful man from his honorary position.

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