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Bahrain, Al-Khawaja and The Hypocrisy of The UK

King Hamad Al Khalifa

If there was another clear example of the hypocrisy of our foreign policy, it is when Hamad Al-Khalifah, tyrant of Bahrain, is invited a second time to the UK. 

This time it isn't for the selling of arms and reinforcing of political ties, but simply to dine with the Queen for her Diamond Jubilee. Not only does it cast light upon the real intentions of the West when it comes to democracy and dictators, including Syria and its desire to subdue Russia and China in this imperialistic war; but it shows how easy it is for our elite institutions to get away with such things and how much we really care.

Some would be disturbed that our constitutional figurehead is playing host to despot dictators from around the world. Others would tell you that it is just "realpolitik" and that we have to relate to the world in our best interests. Of course, the main reason that the UK is pandering to this dictator is because the House of Saud is considered a very close and sustainable customer of arms for the UK as well, but certainly much more than Bahrain. The House of Saud has ordered that Al-Khilafah must not fall and it does well to sustain its post colonial set up. How better to keep your patch in check by keeping an arms industry profitable, pimping individuals who are drugged up on power and giving them their regular fix of gigantic testosterone fuelled guns. 

Undoubtedly, Hamad sees himself up in his ivory tower, looking upon his people as small, insignificant and sub-human. The imprisoned Abdulhadi Al Khawaja is now beyond his 63rd day of hunger strike. His family is barred from seeing him. It is a miracle that he is still alive and it would be no surprise if he was to pass away at any moment. And yet Bahrain's Attorney General has the audacity to say he is in good health. If you had any doubt Hamad is a man of reason and humanity, then the case of Kawaja demonstrates otherwise. 

The UK, much to the ignorance of its population, is entangled in this mess, but what do we expect? We still allow our governments to support tyrants. And whilst we pursue means to escape from confronting the very bleak reality of suffering around the world, to keep ourselves "happy", a bit of our Ummah dies every time we do.

As for the Muslims in the UK, shame should be felt stronger than others. Afterall, we cannot say we are brothers and sisters in humanity of those suffering, until we actually help them, by using the very rights they are dying for.

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