Wed, 20/08/2014 - 8:27pm
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Top 5 Khalid Moments

Khalid Mahmood

Whilst out canvassing in Perry Barr, Birmingham yesterday, I met plenty of people who knew of Khalid Mahmood but were shocked by his antics. Shocked? Well yes, because Khalid is such a nice guy!

In between the leaflet drops and speaking to locals, it got me thinking about all the things I will miss about Khalid when he's gone. Over the years as MP for Perry Barr, he has provided us with quite a blow out - anything to get your face in the papers, I suppose.

Here's my top 5 - feel free to add your favourites too.

  • Number 5 has to be when he let his friends and family use Westminster as a wedding venue. No wonder the people of Perry Barr vote for him - he's so generous and kind! Who cares about taxpayers' money when you have a mate like Khalid?


  • Favourite moment Number 4 is Khalid's attack on schoolgirl Shabina Begum. Despite my opinions about HT and whether the jilbab should be allowed in schools, Khalid could at least have done his research before going on. Shabina was 16 not 13 like he states, and she can make a statement to the press if she likes... Khalid was just upset she got to speak to the media before him. It wasn't his fault though! He had to shave his tash that day...



  • Number 2 on my list is whilst on Newsnight talking about profiling, he says: “Muslims are across all races and in all religions, we accept that.”
    Ermm.. Khalid? Muslims are not from all religions... they are from one religion - Islam.... that's why they're called Muslims.


  • My Number 1 favourite is when Khalid received the Bronze award for Stupidest MP in 2001 from The Guardian for putting his name to an article, written by hardcore Zionist, Denis MacShane, supporting the war in Afghanistan. Bronze ain't too bad Khalid - I'd give you the Gold award any day.

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