Tue, 29/07/2014 - 10:40am
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Israel and USA Tie the Knot

The Israel Lobby

Our favourite allied pair have gone public and declared their love for one another. A recent US Bill has been introduced which would take Israel's and US's relationship to the next level. This unholy matrimony comes in the midst of a possible war with Iran.

The 'major strategic ally' Bill would strengthen ties between the two nations on a range of issues, including annual defence assistance, cooperation on missile defence, energy research and cyber security. No doubt such a move will further aid the occupation of Palestine, providing Israel with more assistance in increasing its dominance over the Palestinians in much more creatively vile ways.

If Iranian civilians are suffering from US sanctions affecting their healthcare, then they really should not look to the future for any improvements. In the months to come there will probably be morbid war scenes reported by the alternative media and ignored by the mainstream; a definite success in the eyes of the dastardly allies. Although the Iranian people may be able to exchange cash for gold in order to preserve their wealth, gold bullions cannot cure life threatening illnesses. Then again, why would the US give a damn about other people's health when they don't give a damn about their own peoples'? Of course, supporting their beloved partner with $8.5 million every day in military aid takes priority.

Israel’s claims of Iran being a threat to national security only weakens as truths emerge in the run up to war. Should the Bill pass for this lawfully wedded grief, the world has bigger threats to peace and security than Iran. After all, since WW2 the US have bombed, sabotaged or attempted to overthrow a modest 52 countries compared to Iran's shameful sum total of zero.

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