Wed, 20/08/2014 - 10:23pm
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Boycott Zionist Blood Dates Reminder

We are now a week in to Ramadan alhumdulillah. We would just like to remind you to NOT break your fast with a Zionist Blood Date.

Check the packaging:

[1] Do not buy anything that is grown in Israel, Jordan Valley or the West Bank as they are all stolen land.
[2] If the barcode starts with the numbers '729' then they are Israeli products.
[3] Companies to avoid include 'Carmel', 'Jordan River', 'Jordan Plains', 'Jordan Valley', 'Haiklaim' and 'King Solomon Dates'.

This Ramadan, remember your Palestinian brothers and sisters. Remember it your duty to help end their oppression.


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— Malcolm X

The passage below is the final paragraph of Malcolm X's Autobiography: