Thu, 31/07/2014 - 11:26am
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Is the West Preparing for Another Illegal Invasion?

Libya protest

With violence continuing against the Libyan people by the Gaddafi regime and the number of people trying to flee increasing, the West hasn’t done much apart from pay a little lip service.

Cameron has denounced the violence against the people, but how hypocritical is this as it was Britain who supplied the arms to begin with, after of course propping up Gaddafi, the dictator, all those years ago.

Now, after helping fund and feed the oppression, there’s talk of military action and sanctions.

Who would the sanctions affect: Gaddafi or the common person? The result of sanctions against Iraq, before the illegal invasion, killed half a million children alone - so why sanctions against the common people again? The result of military action would be more bloodshed, no doubt rebel groups opposing Western soldiers in their country will emerge and in turn they will be labelled terrorists and the usual arrests, torture and murder of these people will ensue. In addition, the destruction of an entire nation by bombs again.

If the West actually genuinely wants to help the Libyan masses after helping oppress them for so many years, they need to think a little more tactfully as to how they can help. Why freeze bank accounts with the odd £100m here or there? Why not put an embargo on Libyan oil exports? Is that because that would actually be effective? The prospect of murdering more innocents and looting their country (especially their oil) and most importantly, pleasing the Zionist elements in our governments must be an attractive one, but really they should keep themselves away from the Libyans and worsening their plight. Not just for the Libyans' sake, but for our own sakes - can we really justify sending more of our troops to die and spend more money on 'wars' that aren't ours to be fought?

As British citizens, we need to be aware of what our leaders are saying and plotting to do. We need to be prepared to lobby, demonstrate and write to them, so that we are not part of any more illegal invasions.

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