Sat, 23/08/2014 - 9:27am
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Exposed! The EDL and Its Zionist Connection


Birmingham police lost control of a fascist demonstration in the City Centre on Saturday. The march organised by the Islamophobic English Defence League quickly spilled out of control as hundreds of EDL thugs bussed in from all over the country marched in the city and broke away from the two sites designated for the march, provoking violent clashes with local people and anti-fascist demonstrators. They threw bricks and bottles at the locals and chanted racist and Islamophobic abuse as they marched towards New Street in the city centre. Their ruse is that they were marching against 'extremism' but their motives were soon revealed by their racist chanting and by the unfurling of an Israeli flag by the EDL skinheads.

The fact that a Jewish States flag was unfurled by the EDL highligted its true nature.  Afterall how many young far right British racists walking the council estates of England are also ardent supporters of the Jewish State of Israel? Our guess is not many.

Zionist groups it seemed panicked when the image above was picked up by the news and Muslim groups. The argument they put forward was that racists has planted the flag to upset the Muslims. A poor argument indeed, as if the Muslims were happy to have the  racist EDL around till they unfurled the Israeli flag, which of course would have pushed them over the edge. One wonders why they did not unfurl the American flag, seen on many television channels as the flag of choice to burn in Middle Eastern countries? If it was about  simply making Muslims  angry, the bricks and bottles being thrown at them would have sufficed surely?  In short it was a desperate attempt by the Zionists to cover their tracks after the blunder was picked up.

Another rightwing group, called the BNP, also considered the EDL highly suspect. For a group who had roughly the same sympathies, the accusation that they were Zionists seemed telling indeed.

If proof was needed, it revealed itself in their actions sometime later. The EDL chose to march against a pro-Palestinian march called Al-Quds. It seemed the EDL, was for some unexplained reason, very interested in fighting pro-Palestinian groups marching against Israeli occupation.

Could it be that the Zionist desire to polarise society against the Muslims, to ensure the  Muslim community within Europe could not grow to challenge Israel's  total political domination in western political circles, had driven them to infiltrate or even create the EDL?

The BNP shared the Zionists anti-Muslim sentiment, but not their foreign policy objectives. They hated Jews as much as they hated Muslims. Was the EDL the perfect answer, killing two birds with one stone,  undermining the BNP and drawing support away from them whilst continuing to polarise the community against Muslims, thus controlling the far right's agenda?

The EDL is not all that it seems and proves once again, that the chief driver of Islamophobia and polarisation within Britain, comes not from the BNP but extreme right wing Zionists who have a foreign agenda.


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