Sat, 02/08/2014 - 12:22am
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This week’s Big Questions gave Stephen Lennon, also known as Tommy Robinson, the ideal opportunity to prove his claim of not being a fascist. Sadly, but not surprisingly, he failed to do so. Initially, he was relatively composed, but as expected when asked to prove his claims, he felt the heat and became flustered, raising his voice and interrupting others when speaking.

He began by saying that he was only against 'militant' Islam, but very quickly confirmed that the problem he has is with Islam itself. Islam-the religion of peace is apparently not compatible with Britain and needs to evolve, having said that, some of the best people that Tommy knows are Muslim- really? He then had a rant about how he’s not the only one who thinks Islam is failing- lots of other people do- yes Tommy, lots of other fascists probably do. It's a shame that he wasn't asked to explain why the EDL is also attacking Sikhs and Hindus, especially after saying they have Sikh and Hindu divisions.

His disillusionment continued by claiming that the EDL only demonstrate peacefully; so in Lennon’s eyes randomly beating people up, getting drunk and fighting amongst themselvesvandalising shops and properties, in fact causing so much unrest that businesses feel they need to stay closed when the EDL are in town- is peaceful, right? Not to mention the cost of their ‘peaceful demos’ to the council, I.e. the taxpayer. Also, threatening the entire Muslim community in Britain with ‘the EDL’s full force’ must also peaceful. 

In addition he was adamant that there is no link with the EDL and the Norwegian terrorist Breivik. Not true, not only is there a link with him, but with Zionism- this isn’t just about anti -Muslim sentiment by a few fascist Brits, it’s about pushing the Zionist agenda too.

All Lennon apparently wants is for Muslims to integrate and assimilate-fair point, we also want all communities to be integrated and assimilated- it’s what’s required for a balanced and productive society as a whole. But when asked how he would like to see this happening, he doesn’t say it’s by Muslims participating in the mainstream- getting involved in politics, helping with community projects- no nothing pragmatic. 

The only thing he could say in response was that Muslims have a sexual pervert/grooming problem and that other Muslims need to take the streets, against these Muslims to deal with it. No Tommy- that wouldn’t be proof of integration. For Muslim criminals, like all other criminals in Britain, the Police and law exist to deal with them. Muslims are just as British as anybody else here, if he wants integration then why differentiate between Muslim criminals and criminals of all other faiths/backgrounds?

Lennon only further cemented his position and confirmed what we already knew- the EDL are a far right,fascist, Islamophobic group out to peddle hate.

In contrast, Mo Ansar was dignified,balanced, articulate and is what the Muslim community needs- the right representation in the media. Other scholars should now follow suit in defending Islam.

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