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The Media Doesn't care

global march to jerusalem

It seems that the media can’t handle the truth, not the entire truth anyway. Every time I switch on the TV to watch the news, I hear about some Muslim 'extremist' who wants to blow up the world in order to spread Islam in Europe. Or some ‘expert on Islam’ who tells us that Islam is an evil religion that needs to eradicated from the world. Some key events however, always seem to be omitted.

Like in London, on 30th March 2012, approximately two thousand people from all walks of life gathered together outside the Israeli Embassy to mark Palestinian Land Day. It is a day which has been commemorated every year since 1976, for the six Arabs who were shot dead by Israeli Forces during protests against the confiscation of their land in Galilee. Jews, Muslims and British people of other faith stood shoulder to shoulder to tell the Israelis that this day will never be forgotten. That the fight will go on until Palestine is free, Insha Allah.

In Jordan, there are reports that tens of thousands of people protested on this day for Land Day. Rabbi David Fieldman said “"This is not Judaism, this is not the voice of Jews. This is a catastrophe for the Palestinian people. We may not allow this to continue this is an embarrassment to us to be continuing so long. This is against Judaism."

You may ask me why am I mentioning Jewish and not Muslim quotes. Unfortunately, I could not find a quote from any Muslim Scholar or Imam in the UK regarding this.

However, in 80 nations throughout the world, including Lebanon, Syria, Malaysia and India people took to the streets to show their solidarity with the Palestinians.

In Gaza, on the same day the Israeli Forces shot dead 20 year old Mahmud Zakut, in Beit Hanoun in an area near the border fence with Israel. Over 100 people were injured by Israeli fire.

Ask yourself a question; if you were not reading this article, would you know about these significant events? If the answer is no, then that is because the mainstream media did not do what it is meant to do. The job of the mainstream media is to inform the people of the events of the world and to speak up for those who cannot be heard. The mainstream media has failed at its job.

Likewise is the case of our Palestinian sister, Hana Shalabi. She was on hunger strike to protest against her wrongful arrest by Israeli Forces. After 43 days of not eating anything, the Israelis have decided to release her from prison, not back to her family in the West Bank but to the open prison of Gaza, where she must stay for 3 years before she can finally be reunited with her family again. 

This article summarises the situation very well,“To call this release "freedom" is to make a mockery of the word, even to call it "release" is misleading. From a human rights perspective, such a release amounts to a new form of cruel and degrading punishment, that is, torture, disguised as a humanitarian gesture.”

Again no mention of this in the mainstream media. They are not a voice for those who cannot be heard, but a voice for those politicians who we hear every day loud and clear. It is high time that we make them listen to us by lobbying them, and letting them know that if they want to be our leaders they need to start representing the people of Britain and not the Zionists.

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