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Desperate Denis MacShane

Denis MacShane

Nutty Zionist, Denis MacShane MP, thinks that MPACUK urged people to vote for the far-right British National Party in the 2010 General Election in Rotherham in a bid to unseat him. The cowardly MP used Parliamentary privilege to make the accusation.

So let's get this straight, desperate MacShane wants people to believe that a Muslim organisation wanted Muslims to vote for the BNP even though the BNP is virulently Islamophobic. The similarity between MacShane's desperation and that of Phil Woolas's, former MP for Oldham East & Saddleworth is too striking to ignore.

MacShane said: "I was targeted by the Muslim Public Affairs Committee; its rather stupid leaflet said, "Vote BNP to get rid of MacShane". An ultra-Islamist group was inviting the anti-Semitic BNP to dethrone me. It was not a problem in Rotherham, but it was in Oldham East and Saddleworth. It is an evil group, and my hon. Friend is right to draw attention to it."

Not only that, but he does this in a House of Commons debate on anti-Semitism. Unfortunately, MacShane does the important issue of anti-Semitism a disservice by trying to make an accusation as ridiculous as this during the debate.

MacShane famously vented his fury at a volunteer of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (dealing with MP's expenses) reducing her to tears. Tellingly, he talks about being "dethroned", our advice to MacShane is please continue, you make yourself look as foolish as we believe you are.

So are the Muslims of Rotherham going to take action against this man? Are they going to join the Labour party and have him de-selected? Join the Tories or Lib-Dems and take him on, inform their friends and family about his appalling record when dealing with issues close to us? Or are they going to sit on their hands waiting for MPACUK to turn up and do the job they should be doing?

If you're a Muslim in Rotherham and you're sick of Zionist MP's like MacShane misrepresenting you then you can do something. The question is will you?

For reference our leaflet for the Rotherham campaign is embedded below.

MPACUK Rotherham General Election Leaflet

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