Tue, 29/07/2014 - 2:34am
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The Rise of Islamophobia Reaches the Dead

Manchester Graves Desecrated.

20 Muslim graves in a South Manchester cemetery have been desecrated in a hate attack. It is horrifying that Islamophobia has soared to such a level that even the dead have to bear the consequences of the lack of action of living Muslims today who are asleep.

The families of those buried in this cemetery will probably be feeling traumatised and disgusted. However, a question we must all ask ourselves is why we only feel such pain when it is our blood that is hurt?

Muslims around the world and even in the West are suffering due to rising Islamophobia, the only way to not become victims of this is to stop it in the first place. Realising how severe the current situation is only when it comes to our door step can be too late.

Don't risk and live with regret. Tackling Islamophobia is everyone's duty.

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