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2010: The Bad & The Ugly

bad 2010

MPACUK present a run down the lowlights of 2010 in chronological order:

The UK

  • Snow brings Heathrow and the country to a standstill twice; in January 2010 and December 2010
  • Snow Imam
  • Raoul Moat, gunman on the loose until he was found and shot dead by the Police
  • Raoul Moat
  • Evidence of brutal treatment of Iraqi prisoners at a secret British interrogation centre
  • Brutal treatment of Iraqis
  • Tories raise tuition fees and scrapping EMA
  • Stop Student Fee cuts


Haiti Earthquake

Flotilla attacks

Pakistan floods

Ground Zero Mosque

Israeli occupation

  • The Crusade against Islam that is the "Global War on Terror (GWOT)" expands to include Yemen and Pakistan with increasing numbers of civilians being murdered with impunity by the USA

War OF Terror

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