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Imran Firasat Tries to Hit Back

imran firasat

On the 9th August 2012, MPACUK wrote an article alerting the Muslim world, of Zionists supporting Islamophobic terrorist Imran Firasat, who has petitioned for the Qur'an to be banned in Spain. Now he has tried to come back, pretending as if he had received threats from Muslims in order to act the hero.

In an open letter to the British Freedom Party (who have the EDL’s Stephen Yaxley-Lennon in their ranks) he claimed that MPACUK should be banned as they are somehow a terrorist group and have invented statements of violence. This is hardly surprising from a Zionist Islamophobe; Take this for example:

“After I got the political jihad threat from the Islamic group ‘Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK’ based in United Kingdom, I had two options: give up on my war against Islam or respond back more strongly to those Muslims in order to make them realize that we ex-Muslims and better human than them are not coward and are capable to attack back those who hurt us unnecessarily.” (sic)

Any human being with a brain can see that the article we published does not invoke violence nor have we ever issued violence against individuals or organisations. However, we have exposed the political corruption that is prevalent in our authorities with regards to dealing with terrorism and we know that a large part of this is not to do with who is or is not a terrorist; it is to do with who has the largest and most influential political lobby, be they law abiding or not.

We reaffirm our call to defend ourselves politically. No amount of harassment from Firasat or any other Islamophobe will put a spike in our effort to ensure that Muslims are no longer the most oppressed people on this planet.

Lastly, it is disgusting that Spain is going through major crises at the moment with regards to economy and employment and yet Firasat is sitting comfortably in Madrid creating non-issues for his own personal agenda. Had he given a damn about people in Europe, he would be focusing on the major issues and not the non-existent ones. We hope the people of Europe can see through the lies and deception of this useful idiot for the Zionists and the Muslims finally take a stand as opposed to being slaves.

Allah says in Surah Taubah 9:32-“They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah refuses except to perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it.”

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