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Stop Holding Your Tail Between Your Legs and Sign the Petition

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The MPACUK Manchester team went campaigning in Longsight this Sunday, because of the police seizing the Farooqi family home.

As usual we met a few ‘interesting’ characters amongst the Muslim community, who never fail to disappoint. One such person was a stall holder at the Longsight market who didn’t want to sign the petition because it might ‘affect his business’. He assured us his inaction was purely from a ‘business point of view’.

Where he got that argument from we don’t really know, as many businesses around the local area do not seem to hold such qualms. More likely the brother was intimidated after hearing about anti terrorism laws. He certainly looked like he may catch some infectious disease when we tried to give him a leaflet for more information.

I can understand why the brother was afraid. After all the Muslim community is being labelled as some sort of ‘extremist, terror loving’ people, so that every action from them looks suspicious.

Muslims are being arrested under terrorism laws simply for holding certain beliefs or reading religious books, whereas anyone else having those beliefs or reading those same books would be overlooked.

I can understand the fear but I just don’t agree.

The Muslim community can allow themselves to be intimidated all they want, but if they think by quietly putting their heads down, minding their own business and going about their everyday lives, they are going to be left alone then they should think again.

Do they think that Babar Ahmad was not an ordinary citizen just minding his own business, getting on with his life?

Do they think that Rizwan Sabir was not an ordinary Muslim student minding his own business, getting on with his life?

Do they think that they will not be affected under anti terrorism laws, especially when figures found that the majority of people being stopped under anti terrorism laws were Muslims?

Being a Muslim today means you are already guilty.

It means that your every action is suspicious, until you prove it is not.

It means that your every belief is extreme, until you prove it is not.

So putting your tail between your legs and pretending you don’t know what’s going on is not going to do you any good.

You might as well stand up and defend yourself.

You might as well stand up and defend your brothers and sisters who are being labelled, because believe it or not, the more your brothers and sisters are labelled, the more you are labelled.

So please don’t set a precedent by refusing to help an innocent family that is being made homeless by the police. Because the next time that happens it can be you.

For every Muslim brother that is arrested, for every innocent family that loses their home, one step is closer for the same thing happening to you.

How far do you want to be pushed before you use your democratic right and stand up for yourself?

Sign the petition to save the Farooqi family home.

For more information and to sign the petition visit

For more information about what MPACUK are doing in Manchester and to get involved email

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