Wed, 23/07/2014 - 6:04pm
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Erdogan Does It Again!

Turkey Prime minister, Erdogan

For those Muslims who still advocate that Muslims should not be able to democratically elect our own leaders and instead want the tyrants they currently live under as if this is more 'Islamic', we wonder what they will have to say about Turkeys elected leader Erdogan.

The group HT and their supporters often say 'What good has Democracy ever got us', well let us give you a hint of what happens when Muslims have the choice to elect a leader that really represents them....

On Saturday, in a conference in New York after attending the G20 meeting in Pittsburg, Erdogon told reporters: ““We are completely against nuclear weapons in the Middle East. There is a country in the Middle East that possesses nuclear weapon: Israel. There is a difference, though; Israel is not a member of the IAEA, while Iran is. Moreover, phosphorus bombs were used in Gaza. What is this? A weapon of mass destruction,” Erdoğan said, referring to the Israeli army's deadly offensive in Gaza last December, leaving more than 1,300 people dead.

Erdogan is expected to pay an official visit to Islamic Iran next month – during which he will have a meeting with Dr. Ahmadinejad to discuss problems facing the Muslim world and Turkish-Iranian cooperation in the oil and gas sectors. Islamic Iran has become Turkey’s second largest trade partner after the US.

Congratulations to a Muslim leader who has chosen to highlight the hypocrisy of Western governments towards nuclear policy in the Middle East, who leave Israel to develop a comprehensive weapons program and simultaneously attempt to bully Iran through the threat of extensive sanctions.

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