Fri, 01/08/2014 - 3:53pm
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Co-Op Good For Everyone (Expect Zionist Squatters)

the cooperative

The Co-Op has been at the forefront of ethical retailing. It was the Co-Op that led the way in terms of ethics and sustainability and in keeping with those principles, the Co-Op have boycotted goods from illegal Zionist colonies in part of occupied Palestine.

MPACUK would like to congratulate the Co-Op in taking this very important step by disapproving of the illegal occupation of Palestine. No doubt the Zionist hordes will try and label the Co-Op as anti-Semitic and all the usual clap-trap charges that they are famous for.

We urge Co-Op to stick to the boycott and we also urge all right-minded, ethical people to help the Co-Op by shopping there regularly.

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