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Guest Post: Zionists, Dictators and Imperialists - The Real Axis of Evil


"There is something happening today in the Middle East, and I can say that for the first time in my lifetime I believe that Arabs and Jews see the common danger. This wasn't always the case."

" The common danger is echoed by Arab leaders throughout the Middle East, Europeans, by many responsible governments around the world. I can put it in one sentence: 'Iran must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons.'" Source

These are the words of Benjamin Netanyahu the PM of Israel a state whose illegitimate birth was conceived by British colonialists. For over sixty years we have seen this state invade its Arab neighbours, commit mass genocide against Arabs, create 5 million Arab refugees, demolition homes of Arab Palestinians, steal more Arab land by expanding illegal settlements, create one the biggest open air prisons in the world akin to a concentration camp imprisoning over a million Arabs, preventing them access to food, medicine and even water, a state that has killed peace activists , journalists and thousands of Arab children many who were seeking sanctuary in UN schools in both Lebanon and Gaza , children killed with bombs and illegal chemical weapons, namely white phosphorous without mercy or remorse. So when I read Netanyahu’s words, delivered at conference organised by AIPAC (an organisation devoted to the subjugation and vilification of Arabs), that there is now a meeting of minds between the Arabs and Jews of a ‘common danger’ in reference to Iran, I thought, the words insolent audacity wouldn’t even begin to cover it.

Unless you have been on another planet, you will recognise that this is exactly the same language used by the same people, when preparing the public opinion for the attack on Iraq. The right wing elite ‘informed’ the us that Iraq (a country whose children were dying in their tens of thousands because of US sanctions ) was 45 minutes away from attacking Britain and could at anytime invade Saudi Arabia, it later emerged that one the ‘sources’ of these gigantic lies included a ‘gossiping cabbie’ , incredulous? No that’s not incredulous, what is incredulous is that they have rewound the tape and are replaying the same thing to us again, only replacing the word Iraq with Iran.

Just as the opinions of experts like Hans Blix and Scott Ritter were dismissed to make way for war on Iraq , so yet again the war mongers are dismissing the opinions of even the US National Intelligence Estimate (which stated that Iran does not have an illicit weapons manufacturing programme) in order to pave the way for another war.

When Netanyahu says ‘Arabs and Jews’, what he really means is Arab dictators and Israeli politicians. You have to be pretty stupid to think that the Arab masses actually want to go to war with a fellow Muslim state (that has not invaded a single Arab state) just to further Israel’s imperialism and secondly, despite what AIPAC would have us believe, the overwhelming majority of American Jewish people did not want war with Iraq, according to a Gallup poll 77% of American Jewish people opposed the war on Iraq So clearly, if they didn’t buy into the lies paving the way for the Iraq war they won’t be fooled on this issue.

But as far as Arab dictators and Israeli /American politicians are concerned, we must concede there is most definitely a meeting of minds. And why shouldn’t there be? After all many Arab dictators and the state of Israel both share a common heritage, they both owe their existence to European colonialist

After the Second World War the crown of imperialism was transferred, from Britain to the USA and so was the patronage of Israel and Arab dictators so it should come as no surprise then that on every major foreign policy issue both are happy to comply with their current imperialist patrons, the US governments.

All American administrations adhere to an entrenched doctrine, which states that foreign nations are only deemed to be good if they conform to US interests, irrespective of whether they are democratic or not. To overthrow a democracy which refuses to conform is considered a perfectly ‘legitimate’ act. One of the key historical examples of this was in Iran itself; the USA government overthrew the democratically elected Prime minister of Iran to replace him with a dictator, to quote the former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright

"In 1953 the United States played a significant role in orchestrating the overthrow of Iran's popular Prime Minister, Mohammed Massadegh. The Eisenhower Administration believed its actions were justified for strategic reasons”

The CIA not only engineered the overthrow of democracy in Iran but also created and personally trained a secret police, SAVAK, to protect the new dictator and to repress with violence, torture and death the Iranian people in an attempt to prevent any return to democracy. According to American Time magazine the SAVAK killed thousands of opponents of the American imposed dictator.

Which is why today, we can only but laugh, at the absurdity of Hilary Clinton’s expression of ‘concern’ that ’Iran was moving towards a military dictatorship’ she added more comedy to her statement by making it whilst being hosted by her friends, the undemocratic states of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The historical actions of American governments and the unashamed confessions which followed admitting to destroying democracy in Iran and repressing the Iranian people, leave only the most foolish of people to be duped by the current administration’s empty rhetoric and crocodile tears.

It appears for the moment the US government is not in a position to pursue a military option against Iran, (given its quagmire in Iraq and Afghanistan) so their main thrust, for the moment, is stepping up sanctions, (as well as trying to internally destabilise the country.)For some people that simply isn’t good enough. The foreign minister of Saudi has demanded a ‘more immediate solution’ from the US government stating that he considers sanctions not to be a quick enough solution and his views are identical to those made by Israeli leaders who ‘have expressed scepticism over the efficacy of sanctions’, it seems as though they are ‘singing from the same hymn sheet.’

How extraordinary and very sad that, the Arab ‘leaders’ have never considered Israel’s war crimes and genocide against Arabs a pressing issue or nor have they treated Israel’s possession of nukes aimed at Arab states with the same level of urgency. Is it possible for people to become so enslaved they identify more with their enemy than with their own selves and their own people? Malcolm X seemed to think so.

The Zionists and imperialist elites do not have a moral or logical justification for their criminal actions, so the only way they can convince the public to accept their agenda is through the power of nightmares, to make everyone fear and hate everyone else. They want non-Muslims to hate Muslims, non-Arabs to hate Arabs, Arabs to hate Iranians, westerners to hate easterners and vice versa. This dehumanisation reduces the resistance from the public to their crimes, by removing empathy.

Meanwhile they have a free reign to declare war on the next ‘bogeyman’ of their choosing, whilst curbing our freedoms and eroding democracy.

We have moral duty to speak out against the hate these imperialists are trying to spread across the world and we have duty to make our voices heard, loud and clear. We must not accept their narratives and we must not accept their dehumanisation of people. As for the propaganda they are generating to legitimise another war, we must make it clear we didn’t believe them last time and we don’t believe them now. They have never demonstrated in word or deed that they are the friends or well wishers of Arabs or Iranians, as someone once said ‘I can’t hear what you are saying because your actions are speaking too loud.’

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This article was submitted by Saracen, a member of the MPACUK forum. If you want to write for our website please email

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