Wed, 30/07/2014 - 4:59am
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Mo Farah Held in the US

Mo farah terrorist

Mo Farah has complained about being held by US airport security. Frequently, he gets stopped due to his Somali origins and recently, he even took his Olympic gold medals to prove the fact that he is the famed (or so we thought) British Olympic gold medallist.

This goes to show that there is no end to the humiliation of a Muslim, regardless of their status and position. The fact that he has received a CBE and other honours did not stop airport security stopping him over his racial origins. Nor did it stop other Muslim figures, such as Shah Rukh Khan and APJ Abdul Kalam, being held.

This is why it is essential Muslims have a strong lobby in the UK and abroad. The US should feel compelled to publicly apologise for its horrendous treatment of those who are racially profiled at airports, but instead, the world ignores this.

US airport staff did not look to see whether these Muslims were a threat, or if they were “practicing” or “non-practicing”; they looked at the fact that they are simply Muslims, by their names and ethnic origins.

If the enemy doesn’t distinguish between one Muslim and the other, why do we?


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