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Topic “Zionism”

GUEST POST: Is ‘Free’ Speech a Product of Secular Intolerance?

From the days of Salman Rushdie and the Danish Cartoons to the recent movie on YouTube, the issue of free speech and Islam has primarily surfaced in the context of vulgar language being directed


Palestine's Shoah

Israel's Deputy Defence Minister Matan Vilnai

Shoah is a Hebrew word often used to name the holocaust committed by the Nazis during World War Two.


Cameron Appeases UJIA

British Prime Minister - David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron, has once again bent over to the dark side to continue to garner support from influential powers.


Advertisement Suggesting Muslims are Savages!

Pamela Geller Subway Poster

The above picture is implying that the Muslim Ummah is savage. It is an advertisement on the walls of the busy subways of New York city.


Israel Defence Force at Work

This is the Israeli Defence Force, the "world's most moral army" at work in the "only democracy in the Middle East".

No other words are needed.


How to Rebut Zionist Arguments

The Israeli Flag

Presentation detailing the common Zionist arguments with the relevant rebuttals.


"American Jews Are Falling Out of Love With Israel"

Norman Finkelstein was on BBC Hardtalk recently, the topic being discussed: American Jews are falling out of love with Israel.


GUEST POST: "Why is Israel the Exception?" Asks Protester Thrown Out of Globe Theatre

On Monday 28th May 2012, the two day caravan fest of Israel’s apartheid promoting wagon, Habima, rolled into town faced with vehement anti-Israel Apartheid Protests.


Rochdale Sex Gang Reveals Horrific Islamophobia

Rochdale sex gang

You can always rely on a Zionist Islamophobe to show their true colours to exploit a situation to further their own agenda.


The Clubbing Scene In Israel


Come to Israel, meet our people, knock yourself out (or more to the point get knocked out by one of our state sponsored fascists).


Zionist Lobby Blocks Air Flotilla 2

The zionist lobby has struck again, this time getting its members to ensure activists flying out on the Welcome to Palestine "Air Flotilla


The Real Axis of Evil

Israel and India flag merged

Zionism and therefore Israel is the beating heart of Islamophobia, so it isn't surprising that Israel makes friends with Islamophobes around the world from the EDL in the UK to Geert Wilders in T


Ashkenazi Jews Rank "Smartest In World"

Ashkenazi Jews

Did you find this title a little strange? Do you find it just a little racist? It is not just a racist insinuation against gentiles, it is also racist against black and Middle-Eastern Jews.


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