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Topic “WikiLeaks”

Do whistleblowers make the world a safer place?

MPACUK were present at a debate organised by New Statesman/ Comments

WikiLeaks Cables Show Close US Relationship with Egyptian Dictator

Wikileaks censored

A WikiLeaks cable has shown the close relationship the US has with the dictator Muba


Israeli Mafia Controls Gaza Aid


Not only is Israel allowed to commit crimes against the Palestinian people by actions such as “collective punishment” but now, thanks to WikiLeaks, it is clear that the Americans know that a


Wikileaks: Fisk Tells It How It Is


There are few Western journalists than can speak with the insight, experience and sheer honesty of Robert Fisk.


If You Speak the Truth You’re a Terrorist


It would appear that the truth is terrorising the US, hence the incoming chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee says WikiLeaks should be officially Comments

TOP SECRET documents exposing horror of Afghan War Leaked!

Border Station, Torkhem, Afghanistan

A TOP SECRET collection of documents have been released by the Wikileaks website.


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"A small group. They are the ones who carry ambitions for the Muslim Ummah. And an even smaller group from this small group. They are the ones who sacrifice their personal worldly interests in order to act upon those ambitions. And an even smaller group from this elite. They are the ones who sacrifice their souls and their blood in order to bring victory to these ambitions and convictions. So, they are a small group within a small group within a small group."

— Shaheed Dr Sheikh Abdullah Azzam

Assassinated 1989