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Success! Islamophobes Banned From UK

Alhamdulillah the campaign calling on the Home Secretary to refuse visas to two of America's most prominent Islamophobes has brought Comments

Every US Soldier Must Leave

British Soliders in Afghanistan

Death and destruction will continue, unless every American soldier leaves Afghanistan.


Guest Post: Britain’s Modern Warfare through the eyes of a child

Muslim child in the UK

I think we can say with some surety that the horrific images of two planes hitting the twin towers and shortly after, watching people hurl themselves out of the windows from such heights, has seare


EDL Leader To Be Extradited?

stephen yaxley lennon

Tommy Robinson, also known as Stephen Lennon, was recently r


Back For More: Obama V Romney Round 2

romney obama

Fresh from ‘winning’ last week’s first presidentia


Guest Post: Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan, We have failed you

babar ahmad and talha ahsan

On Friday, the European Court of Human Rights made its final decision that, British


Betrayed: Aung San Suu Kyi and the Persecuted Rohingya Muslims of Burma

Rohingya Burma

The poster girl of the pro-democracy movement, Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, was this month touring Europe in the latest move to normalize Burma’s relationship with the West and r


Action Alert: Extradition EDM


On the tenth of April, an outrageous verdict to let the extradition proceedings of Babar Ahmed was reached.


Guest Post: U.S. Abuses a Females Human Rights - Repatriate Aafia Now

On Saturday 31st March 2012, human right campaigners rallied outside the U.S embassy in London, marking the 9th anniversary of Aafia Siddiqui’s abduction, rendition and false imprisonment.


The West, Israel and Iran: The Swords Were Sharpened A Long Time Ago

Iran Israel

The recent refusal by Iran to have the state checked by the IAEA for the construction of nuclear weapons, has sparked much controversy in the West and Israel.


Egypt’s Crackdown on American NGOs: Exposing US hypocrisy

American media has recently been whining and moaning about Egypt’s crackdown on “pro-democracy” American NGOs.


Syria, UN Resolutions & the Bigger Picture

syria obama road map

So what are we to make of the situation in Syria?


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— Theodore Roosevelt:

From a speech given in Paris at the Sorbonne in 1910