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Topic “Tony Blair”

What is Taking Us So Long?

question mark 2

On 14/10/2011, there was a show called Comic Strip Presents: The Hunt for Tony Blair, on Channel 4 at 9pm.


Tony Blair Exposed By The Palestinians At Last

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

Tony Blair, "peace Messiah" to the Middle East has been rumbled at last by even the timid leaders of the PLO.


All I Am Saying is “Give War A Chance”

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

It really comes to something when a “peace envoy” calls for wa


MI6, CIA and Ghaddafi: The Stench of Hypocrisy

gaddafi and blair

Not too long ago, in the offices of Ghaddafi's compound, it was found that the CIA and MI6 had close ti


2010: The Good

good 2010

As the tenth year of the noughties ends we bring you our top 10 highlights of the past 12 months in chronological order:


UK's Most Influential Muslim Agrees Foreign Policy is the Problem

Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad

Below is Sheikh Abdul-Hakim Murad's counter, to the propaganda spewed out by sections of the media about Islam being the problem.


Blair - Has this Wretched Man Learned Nothing?

Tony Blair war criminal

The Andrew Marr interview with Tony Blair was just about the most painful bit of TV viewing we have had to endure for a while.


Fighting Talk: The New Propaganda

ministry of propaganda

MPACUK Comment:  If you are as exasperated as we are by the ever shoddy journalism that we have to endure, then Robert Fisk's piece in the Independent makes for interesting re


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